Senior Section









Senior Section” undoubtedly has been one of the best sections of GAK. It is always committed to provide the best platform for the students of class (VIII to X)

“Senior Section” is a nursery of doctors, engineers, army officers, pilots and executive officers of all walks of life.

The influx of aspirants for admission in the Senior Section and outstanding Matric Board results are ample proof of this testimony. The philosophy of teaching at the Senior Section has always been to groom the inherent abilities of its students and enable them to meet the new challenges of the world.


The motto of our section is; “I shall rise and shine ”

“Always shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars”

The shining stars of the Senior Section have always been winning laurels for GAK by clinching positions in the Matric Board exams as well as in the Mangla Region and in all APSACS. This year Senior Section touched the mile stone of best GPA 5.93 in Matric Exams by obtaining first position in all APSACS Schools and Colleges.

Senior Section is striving to uphold the superlative purpose of education i.e refinement of ethics, purification of soul and enlightenment of human intellect.

The students of the Senior Section not only excel in academics but they are also torch – bearers in co curricular and extra – curricular activities i.e Cricket , Football, Badminton , Mega Debates , English Drama Competition, Kangaroo  Mathematics Contest, Royal Commonwealth Society Essay and Painting Competition , Art and Science Projects etc.

Senior Section has dedicated and collaborative group of teachers, coordinators along with the Section Head, Mr Nasir Abbas,  who has profound experience of academics and expertise in the Board exams.

The Board of Governors , the Principal and RD have always appreciated and recognized the creativity, ingenuity, hard work, imagination , innovation and achievements of the Senior Section in both academics and extra – curricular activities.

Outstanding GPA

Matric Result



Overall Position



1st in all APSAC



1st in Mangla Region



2nd in Mangla Region



1st in Mangla Region



1st in Mangla Region

Appreciation of the GOC 37 Div


The Shining Stars of the Senior Section

Hammad Hussain
Abubakar Aslam
Sarah Safdar
Afaq Amjad
Maida Usman
Sara Noor
Zara Rehman
Sania Wajad
Malaika Rasool

Morning Assemblies are a permanent feature of the Senior Section. Students assemble in the morning and start their day with the holy name of Allah Almighty. Moral values & national spirit is inculcated in them. Many special days and events are celebrated with great joy, enthusiasm and reverence. Children recite national anthem, perform skits and deliver speeches.






Art Work in the Senior Section

The creation of beauty is art. An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision







Co-curricular and Extra-curricular
Activities at the Senior Section

The creation of beauty is art. An artist is not paid for his labour but for his vision