Middle Boys’ Wing

Middle section comprises classes IV to VII. This is the age when students enter the formal stage of operational cognitive development. In this section they are helped to use their mind in learning study skills, reflecting on curriculum material, exploring the nature of conflict in their lives and setting realistic goals for themselves.

The teachers here serve as advisors, mentors, counselors and above all help boys to feel a sense of safety and purpose their learning.

Students are involved in maintaining discipline through a Student Council, shaping assemblies and special events and they are engaged in curriculum related activities that serve to develop their social and emotional intelligence.

They are creatively involved in the act of forming themselves as autonomous  individuals when they write poems, perform acts, work in clay, draw, paint, dance ,sing, debate, arrange peace walks and community projects.

Regional level competitions provide a forum to boost their confidence and distinctions in international events broader their vision.

Exposure to online projects is another opportunity for middle schools boys to grow as global citizens.

We the administrations ensure that boys of middle school not only learn in safe environment but also become proactive members of society.