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“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

Professional development is a continuous process to train teachers, to enhance their skills and expertise and to keep them abreast with latest and advanced teaching methodologies.

GAK has a comprehensive and established training system/Programme under the umbrella of APSACS.

It offers:

  • Teachers’ Training Courses by APSACS
  • Regional Hub Training
  • In-Service Training Programme

Teachers ‘Training Courses by APSACS

APSACS offers following courses for professional development of teaching faculty.

  • Staff Development Certificate Course - SDCC
  • Staff Development Diploma Course - SDDC
  • School Improvement Framework - SIF
  • School as Learning Organization - SLO
  • Early Childhood Learning Certificate Course - ECLC
  • Early Childhood Learning Diploma Course - ECLD
  • SMILES-Raising Emotionally Healthy Children
  • Section Heads as Leaders-SHAL
  • Principal’s Induction Course-PIC
  • Principals as leaders- PAL

Every year selected members of faculty, who fulfill the requisites of selection Criteria, are trained by APSACS Sectt to further contribute to trainings held at school level.

Regional HUB Trainings:

GAK serves as training Hub of APSAC Kharian .Subject-Based and Need –Based training sessions are conducted on quarterly basis in which teachers learn through collaborated efforts.

In-Service Trainings:

In-Service training includes detailed training programme which is designed by section wise at GAK. At the beginning of each academic session, Section Heads under supervision of the principal devise training programme of their respective sections which include induction courses, Subject specific trainings, Training based on teaching skills and expertise and Need- based trainings. Section heads and other trained teachers conducted theses trainings sessions once every month.