Junior Section

GAK implements a rich curriculum that seeks to develop in students all the faculties and powers of body, mind and spirit in a balanced and healthy way. Apart from providing a solid foundation, the school maintains music, various art forms, handwork and craft, games and physical education.

Junior School comprises Classes I, II&III. At Junior School we ensure our children develop their academic potentials by creative and independent designing, implementing and assessing classroom special curricula that focus upon skills, processes, values and content for each learning area. Our students respond to this being guided to construct representations of their ability to demonstrate good cultural and moral values and interpersonal skills.

After completing their Junior School education, students move on to the Middle Section.

Junior School is equipped with a furnished computer lab and a separate well-stocked library.

Sports Activities

Sports activities are must for developing productive and active bodies. A comprehensive sport plan and annual sport competition is the integral part of the Junior Section yearly calendar.