Clubs & Societies

Sports Club:

  • The school should enjoy outstanding inter-school sports competition and students will frequently represent in their chosen sport. A wide range of inter-school sports fixtures is offered to all age groups. The sports available to students include football, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball, badminton, athletics, etc.

Journalism Society:

  • Under the Journalism Society, English and Urdu literary Societies will work simultaneously. The Teacher In charge of this Society will select English and Urdu Editor In Chief and Editors and the members will be selected on the basis of talent and interest. Society will take part in all the related activities.

Drama Club:

  • The Teacher In charge Will Select, President and Vice President. They will conduct Urdu and English drama activities, poetry reading etc at all levels of school with the help of Club members.

Elocution Club:

  • All activities and competition will be organized by the club.

Debate Club:

  • Both Urdu and English debates competition will take place within the school and inter school, club will manage and participate in it. Senior members of the club will also tutor the junior members and guide them.

Qira'at & Na'at Club:

  • The club would take part in assembly on daily basis, they will also organize different events on religious occasions.